About Us

Committed to a mission of improving human health

Keva Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd is a newly founded Nepali pharmaceutical company located in Chitwan, Nepal. We formulate, manufacture, and market branded medicines, aiming to cater to the growing demand for quality health products in domestic and international markets. We produce and supply medicines in different dosage forms; that include tablets, capsules, creams, ointments, & sachets.
Keva came into its inception by the noble efforts and endeavor of a group of dedicated and qualified professionals from the field of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology education, health, management, & trade, with the sole objective of manufacturing the best health solution to everyone.









Keva Working Process

The product development process here at Keva pharmaceuticals.


Product Planning

The product planning team at Keva continuously works at identifying and designing the current and future needs of the various products for Nepalese pharmaceutical industry.


Formulation & Development

The product development team takes care of the formulation & development, quality control, design, and packing of the product.


Marketing & Distribution

The finished product is taken care of by PMT, which plans and controls all the marketing and distribution needs of a particular product.


Our Mission

KEVA is committed to a mission of improving human health. The people of KEVA are dedicated to:

  1. Develop, manufacture and provide affordable quality medicines for a variety of diseases and conditions to patients, their families, and communities through the ethical pharmaceutical marketing
  2. Introduce innovative technology in pharmaceutical production
  3. Follow strictly the WHO guideline of Good Manufacturing Practice and Quality Management System to ensure stringent quality
  4. Make people aware of healthy living by providing educational programs and resources to help empower and inform
  5. Develop competitive human resources for the industry by creating a challenging and rewarding work environment that inspires our employees
  6. Self-sustain Nepal in supplying medicines and support the country’s growing economy
  7. To be a responsible corporate citizen by practicing the high ethical standard


Our Vision

“Building a legacy in pharmaceutical”

Our vision is to be a trusted leader in the Nepali pharmaceutical industry through premium quality, innovation, unmatched customer service & unbreakable commitment.



Our values are:

  1. Accountability: Create value for Patients, Staff, and Stockholders
  2. Excellence: Be science-based, ensure quality and Satisfy customers’ need
  3. Integrity: Doing what’s right for patients and society
  4. Inclusion: Value diversity by building trust and respect to each other
  5. Collaboration: All staff & departments working together in support of one another to translate our vision into reality



The main objective of KEVA is to manufacture modern medicines in the field of Human Health Care to contribute locally and globally. Our specific objectives are to be:

  1. A leading pharmaceutical company in the next 10 years.
  2. A trusted company addressing the unmet medical needs of Nepal.
  3. Strive for new technological solutions to serve every individual’s needs.
  4. Manufacture medicines using our in-house developed expertise.
  5. Instrumental to widen the primary health care coverage in the country.
  6. The best and safe place for our employees to work and grow