All Facilities

Different facilities at Keva represent Keva in different ways. Each of these has its own importance and responsibilities in making Keva unique.

Research and Development

Keva owns a research and development unit. Formulation development is carried out with intensive care to support scientific and technological advancement.

Quality Control

QC at Keva Pharmaceuticals consists of sophisticated and well-equipped labs and equipment. Keva adopts a government-approved modern cGMP standard layout for Quality Control.

Quality Assurance

Highly qualified QA team work to eliminate risk in production, accomplish rapid product release, and eliminate defects, impurities & contamination, from raw materials through to finished product

Regulatory Affairs

The regulatory affairs at Keva takes care of the overall regulatory climate at different instances, works closely with regulatory agencies, ensures Keva and its product comply with all pertaining laws and regulations.


Keva Pharmaceuticals has the cGMP standard manufacturing facility for a large commercial batch sizes of tablets, creams, capsules or powders.


Warehouse at Keva Pharmaceuticals follows GMP rules to handle raw packing and finished goods stock.


The discovery, formulation, and manufacturing machines are taken care by the engineering facility. The engineering unit is also responsible for maintenance of analytical tools and equipment.

Finance and Accounting

The Finance Department at Keva Pharmaceuticals has an adept group of enthusiasts that communicates and manages the overall financial activities of the Company.

Human Resource

The HR Department at Keva oversees productivity, coordination, and harmonious functioning in and between different departments of the Company.

Legal Affairs

The legal department at Keva overlooks different activities of the Company and ensures each activities comply with all pharmaceutical laws and regulations.


The motivating admin team at Keva Pharmaceuticals supervises, directs, and controls its support services to facilitate the Company’s overall success.


The IT department at Keva takes care of all the computer-related systems of the Company like record keeping, financial accounting etc.


Keva Pharmaceuticals believes in having a healthy work environment, Staff Canteen at Keva is the heart of this environment.

Sales & Marketing

The Sales and Marketing team at Keva Strategies, plans and serves as a intermediary between our production and market needs.


The PMT at Keva has a vigilant marketing strategy that assures competence and robust product pipeline.


Distribution at Keva ensures a strong supply chain management. The facility assures stock availability and plans its activities to meet the market needs. It connects Keva with different parts of the Country.