Keva, a newly founded Nepali pharmaceutical company, is directed to its aim of developing, manufacturing, and marketing branded medicines aiming to cater to the growing needs of the Local and Global Pharmaceutical Industry. Keva is rigorously working to help people live a healthy life by promoting ethical marketing.

Leading the Way to Greatness

Keva Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd was founded in 2017 by highly experienced & motivated professionals with diverse backgrounds. Our experienced and talented KEVA team brings with them an impressive track record in the finance, research & development and commercialization of clinically important, breakthrough therapeutics. Together they are fostering a unique culture driven by the highest standards of scientific rigor, entrepreneurial vision, and compassion for the patients whose lives we touch. Each of the board members is actively involved in advising, educating/consulting KEVA team members working in both technical & non-technical departments.

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Quality Control

QC in Keva Pharmaceuticals consists of sophisticated and well-equipped labs and types of equipment. Keva adopts a government-approved modern cGMP standard layout for Quality Control.

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Research & Development

Keva owns a research and development unit. Formulation development is carried out with intensive research and technological work, stepping forth to scientific and technological advancement.

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